Fun Things to Do in Crescent Beach

Here’s a list of fun things to do in Crescent Beach

  1. Watch stunning sunsets
  2. Swim (plenty of swimming areas)
  3. Go for coffee at the Wired Monk
  4. Eat fish and chips on the beach (or anywhere)
  5. Play beach volleyball
  6. Walk the trail wrapping around Crescent Beach
  7. Have a picnic
  8. Go kayaking
  9. Take sailing lessons at the Crescent Beach Sailing Club
  10. Play Tennis (must be a member)
  11. Stroll the Crescent Beach promenade
  12. Take a nap on the beach
  13. Sun bathe against large driftwood logs
  14. Walk to White Rock
  15. Go kayaking
  16. Play frisbee on Blackie’s Spit
  17. Dine at one of several fine restaurants (2 are on the waterfront at the end of Beecher Street)
  18. Walk your dog in the dog park (behind the main parking lot)
  19. Check out fabulous beach homes
  20. Bicycle around Crescent Beach
  21. Enjoy the Community Gardens
  22. Walk expansive tidal shore (when the tide is out)
  23. Fly a kit
  24. Attend a Yoga Class at Sole Yoga Shala
  25. Kitesurfing (when the wind is up – many people kite surf in Crescent Beach)
  26. Bird watching in the protected bird migration sanctuary
  27. Take you children to the Crescent Beach playground
  28. Go to the Camp Alexandra Festival (usually in May each year)
  29. Have your wedding photos taken at Crescent Beach
  30. Host a party at the Beecher Place Hall (newly renovated and on the beach – the perfect party spot)

Come on down for a quick stroll, a coffee, a dinner or spend the day … there’s plenty of things to do for everyone.