Walking Trails in Crescent Beach (with Map of Trails)

Walking Trail in Crescent Beach

Walking in CB is a favorite activity for many people who live and visit this beach community.

Whether it’s strolling the main beach promenade or continuing along the trails all around Crescent Beach, there’s a walk for everyone.

On busy day, the promenade is loaded with strollers and more serious walkers.  It’s an exciting place to be.  However, many local walk throughout CB year-around … rain or shine.  In fact, walking the lonely trails in the winter is a serene experience because it’s just you, the ocean and nature.

Crescent Beach Walking Map

Map of Crescent Beach Walking Trails


What’s the distance walking the outer red trail?

It’s about 3.5 km, which takes a little under 1 hour to complete.  Add about .5 km if you do Blackie’s Spit.  It’s an easy walk with no hills.  The scenery is varied and beautiful.  Along the way you walk along the water with spectacular ocean views.  If heading clockwise, you cross the main picnic area, go through the main parking lot and can go jut out onto Blackie’s Spit or cut directly into the bird migration sanctuary.

There’s a trail that cuts you through the bird migration sanctuary (a haven for bird watchers), and continues along a canal.  It then wraps back to the Community Gardens and eventually out onto Beecher Street (the entrance to Crescent Beach).

Bird Migration Sanctuary Crescent Beach


Crescent Beach Walking Trail

For the full circle, cross Beecher Street and you’ll find yourself in a small, treed park (see image at top of this page).  Go through it (it’s beautiful) and then out onto a classic narrow and windy lane called Maple Street.  Follow Maple Street toward the beach and within minutes you’ll be at south end of the main beach promenade.  From there it’s only a 5 minute walk to the end of Beecher Street (the hub of Crescent Beach).